Saturday, 2 February 2013


Running on treadmill in gym - group of women and men exercising to gain more fitness, the woman in front wears earplugs and enjoys music Stock Photo - 8295281Not finding the time for fitness as a result of family chores and grocery shopping? To ward away venturesome ailments and keep yourself toned, it's vital to stick to a collection fitness regime.

Many Indian ladies, significantly once reaching a particular age, feel that beauty don't matter a lot of. However, the discussion here isn't regarding beauty however of health. A fitness routine is as vital for older ladies because it is for a teen or a lass.

Regular physical activity won't solely assist you tackle weight-related problems however also will modify you to stop conditions related to weight gain, like autoimmune disorder and unhealthy veins. Still not motivated  enough? Here's a listing of some vital fitness facts for girls that may assist you to urge moving.

Avoid fat: With the damaging bulging obesity ratios in India, recent statistics disclosed that just about one in six ladies within the country area unit overweight and area unit in dire got to trim for avoiding health hazards related to fat. this is often as a result of the hyperbolic adoption of inactive lifestyles and unhealthy consumption habits.

30 minutes a day: Your fitness level may be improved by simply adding a couple of minutes of movement into your daily routine. in step with fitness experts; simply thirty minute elbow grease for five days every week is decent to beat the adverse effects of inactivity and inactive style.

You can conjointly incorporate minor changes in your daily style like taking the steps rather than the elevate, parking the automobile within the last row of the parking zone and walking briskly for a couple of minutes between your put automobile and your workplace.

The importance of de-stressing: ladies area unit additional at risk of stress and pressure as compared to men and this, in turn, ends up in varied health problems. Work on basic relaxation and respiratory techniques whenever you'll - even whereas activity your regular chores.

Muscle and joint pain: take care to not neglect any reasonably muscle tightness or joint pains as everything in your body area unit interlinked with one another. dominating such fitness factors could have an effect on the right functioning of different body joints and muscles moreover. Hence, make sure that you address such problems at the earliest.

Cardio and weight training: the best fitness program for girls ought to embody exercises that increase their tone and elevate their pulse rate. a nonstop, repetitive aerobic elbow grease arrange that affects all the massive muscle teams in their body is that the best choice, once let alone adequate strength coaching to retain and develop bone density.

Consistency: to envision any style of measurable changes in your fitness levels, you ought to continue your elbow grease and fitness program for a minimum of 12-13 weeks.


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