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Two-thirds of the cancer cases in Asian nation may be prevented either by creating effective policies or higher implementation of the prevailing ones, say specialists. what is a lot of, an edge on alcohol consumption and avoirdupois will facilitate forestall an outsized share of cancer.

According to the planet Economic Forum, cancer is among one among the 3 greatest risks to the worldwide economy. this could ensue to escalating value of care, the threat to productivity from death and incapacity, and therefore the effects of prices on home impoverishment. however this year's theme of World Cancer Day: "Dispel damaging myths and misconceptions concerning willcer" can facilitate amendment things, say specialists.

Last year, representatives from 117 countries converged at the United Nations to deal with the hindrance and management of cancer and non-communicable diseases and declared four key strategies: management tobacco, unsafe use of alcohol, avoirdupois and encourage higher nutrition. whereas rising the nutritionary standing of a 100-crore population nation is associate degree uphill task, management on tobacco, areca nut, alcohol and food is well inside the reach of policymakers, say specialists. "There is awareness concerning the cancer-causing properties of tobacco, however the majority area unit still unaware of the harmful effects of alcohol, betel nut and avoirdupois," aforementioned Dr Pankaj Chaturvedi, oncosurgeon at Tata Memorial Hospital.

"Alcohol is causally associated with cancers of the mouth, oropharynx, liver, muscle system and breast. the danger becomes a lot of higher once tobacco is consumed along side alcohol," he said.

Another reason for worry for oncologists is avoirdupois. A study, victimisation National Cancer Institute police work, medical specialty and finish Results (SEER) knowledge, calculable that in 2007 within the U.S.A., about 34,000 new cases of cancer in men (4%) and fifty,500 in ladies (7%) were owing to avoirdupois. This analysis conjointly found that if each adult reduced their Body Mass Index by one hundred and twenty fifth, which might be reminiscent of a weight loss of roughly 1kg for associate degree adult of average weight, this could really lead to the rejection of concerning one lakh new cases.

Head of Tata Memorial Hospital, Dr Rajan Badwe aforementioned associate degree unhealthy diet is one among the foremost contributors in cancer among the rotund. "Adolescent avoirdupois is thought to provide polygenic disorder, cardiovascular disease and cancers like those of breast, ovary and female internal reproductive organ among ladies and abdomen, urinary organ and colon among men within the later years," Dr Badwe aforementioned.Worrying numbers

* There area unit concerning thirty lakh new cases of cancer in Asian nation at any specific purpose of your time

* concerning five lakh deaths a year within the country area unit owing to cancer.

* four-hundredth of cancer cases area unit owing to the employment of tobacco

* The leading sites of cancer area unit the rima oris, lungs, muscle system and abdomen among men and cervix, breast and rima oris among ladies. Cancer accounts for a lot of deaths worldwide than AIDS, protozoal infection and TB combined.

* As per the planet Health Organisation Report 2005, the calculable range of cancer deaths in Asian nation can increase to seven lakh by 2015


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