Friday, 1 February 2013


Your diet staples may well be sabotaging your efforts to reduce and denying you vitamins and minerals

Those low-fat, low-taste alternatives took place as 'health foods' may, in fact, be cost accounting you your health. it is simple to be misled with labels like 'high fiber', and 'natural'. In reality, several thus known as 'healthy' foods contain high levels of fat, sugar and salt. Reading the ingredient list and nutrition facts column may assist you opt for the proper things. Here's a collect of the items you think about smart that will truly be bad:

You think honey is healthier and additional natural than sugar? you're wrong. each contain equally high levels of aldohexose. as a result of honey is denser, one tablespoon truly contains additional calories than constant sized containerful of refined sugar. Eat a lot of|an excessive amount of} honey you may|and you may} gain even as much weight as you will gorging on different sweet stuff.

Low-fat sauce
Scientists at Iowa State University, US, have found that low-fat dressing cancels out the goodness in dish. Conversely, mistreatment vegetable oil, or somewhat butter, boosted nourishment intake as a result of fat helps your body absorb nutrients from vegetables additional expeditiously.

Breakfast cereals
Studies show that individuals World Health Organization eat cereal for breakfast tend to be slimmer than people who do not — however as long as they are choosing a healthy whole. opt for the incorrect box and you will yet begin your day with a slice of cake, as some cereals ar high in sugar and fat. the most ones to observe out for ar your tasteful, chocolate and candied or opaque kids' ones. thus invariably browse the label. .

Skimmed milk
Although imbibing milk has been demonised as a health no-no in recent years, analysis shows that it may well be a higher alternative than its nonfat  counterpart.

Whole milk solely contains around four per cent fat per 100ml as opposition the twenty per cent and deemed to be within the 'high fat' class. skim milk contains zero.1 per cent fat. thus change from whole to skim milk will not build an enormous distinction.

Skimmed milk is a smaller amount nutritive as a result of cream contains fatsoluble vitamins A, D, E and K. analysis reveals that full-fat milk boosts metabolism and assist you burn additional calories, whereas conjointly lowering the chance of cardiopathy.

Raw vegetables
Cooking is believed to kill the vitamins and minerals, however studies have found the other. whereas cookery could destroy some (but not all) antioxidant, the method boosts the uptake of disease-fighting nutrients — antioxidants. A 2008 study found that vegetables like carrots, spinach, mushrooms, asparagus, cabbage and peppers offer additional antioxidants once roast than once consumed raw.

Diet drinks
They seem sort of a easy method for potable lovers to chop calories however consultants assume diet drinks may truly scupper weight loss. whereas the factitious sweeteners in such drinks will persuade the style buds they are overwhelming sugar, the brain cannot be tricked thus simply. once it's denied the calories it's expecting, your body goes on a calorie hunt, creating you're feeling hungry and eat additional.


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